What No One Ever Told Me

- Written By Karen Blankenship

This is not a book just for women, but for those who desire to help the church grow and thrive beyond the current generation following God’s direction in equipping and raising up spiritual leaders. It is written in hopes that it might shed some light on the history behind women and church leadership and allow you to come to your own conclusion.


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What No One Ever Told Me

A Brand New Book For Men And Women Who Desire To Understand Women's Role In The Church

What People Are Saying

  • Karen Blankenship gets it. As an author, speaker and mentor, she can speak to the generations communication the frank and honest ways to each. Her genuine love for others and the Lord shines through her writings as she reveals the truth through her experiences.

  • Karen’s thorough research of cultural, historical, and biblical evidence leads us through the myths, misconceptions, and mistranslations that have skewed the facts. Where there are traditional beliefs, Karen respectfully looks at both sides of the issue.